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International Masters of Business Management

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Important Facts

The International Masters of Business Administration (IMBA) is an internationally recognized degree program designed to develop the skills required for successful careers in business and management.

The SIAM International Masters of Business Administration program sets itself apart from other graduate business programs.

Our IMBA program includes a core curriculum of subjects such as accounting, economics, marketing, and operations along with several elective courses that allow participants to explore their personal and professional interests.

Are you ready?

Cultivate your professionalism driven by sound moral principles and high social responsibility. Siam’s  International Masters in Business Administration Program is the right choice.

Our vision 
To act as a knowledge warehouse delivering business training and expertise. Maintaining focus on developing graduates with technical excellence and an international perspective.

Our goal 
To help graduates make effective business decisions with high moral and ethical standards.

The result 
Our program prepares graduates to be leaders in public and private business organizations.

Graduates will be able to apply modern business and technological knowledge. They will succeed in the face of risk, uncertainty, and intense international competition.

Graduates will have the skills to expand their methods and knowledge. They understand more about international business networking between Thailand and other nations.

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International Masters of Business Administration

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Business Education

Marketing Management

Marketing Management

Develop skills in market research, product development, brand management, and advertising to create and implement effective marketing strategies. Graduates are equipped to lead marketing teams and help businesses meet their sales and revenue goals.

Financial, Banking and Investment Management

Financial, Banking and Investment Management

Become an expert in financial management, banking operations, and investment analysis. Graduates are equipped to manage financial risks, make informed investment decisions, and help businesses navigate complex financial regulations and policies.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Focused on developing skills in talent acquisition, talent management, employee engagement, and workforce development. Graduates are equipped to lead human resource departments and help businesses create a productive and motivated workforce.

International Business Management

Prepares to become an expert in global business operations, international trade, and cross-cultural management. Graduates are equipped to navigate the complexities of operating in different countries and cultures and help businesses achieve success in the global marketplace.

Hotel Tourism and Service Business Management

Hotel, Tourism, and Service Business Management

Focuses on developing skills in hospitality management, tourism, and service industry operations. Graduates are equipped to manage hotels, resorts, and other hospitality businesses and provide exceptional customer service to guests.

Industrial Management

Industrial Management

Develop skills in production planning, inventory management, quality control, and supply chain management. Graduates are equipped to manage operations and improve efficiency in manufacturing and other industrial settings.

Digital Communication Management

Digital Communication Management

Focus on developing skills in digital marketing, social media management, and online communication strategies. Graduates are equipped to create effective digital marketing campaigns and manage online brand reputation.

Technology and Innovation Management

Technology and Innovation Management

Develop skills in technology development, innovation management, and intellectual property protection. Graduates are equipped to lead research and development teams and help businesses stay competitive in rapidly changing industries.

General Management

General Management

Provides a broad overview of essential business skills, including finance, marketing, human resource management, and operations management. Graduates are equipped to take on leadership roles in various industries and have a well-rounded understanding of business operations.

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